Terms and Conditions

1. These General Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the program of package travel arrangements (hereinafter referred to as the arrangement) and therefore of the Travel Organization Agreement (hereinafter: the Agreement) which with TIP PUTOVANJA – Travel Agency Ltd., Vončinina 2, Zagreb, ID code HR-AB-01-08-0416772 (hereinafter referred to as “the Organizer”) is contracted by the travel contractor (hereinafter referred to as “the Contracting Authority”).
All data and conditions in the program and in these General Terms and Conditions bind the Organizer, Contractor and user of the Service – Traveler (hereinafter: Traveler) unless otherwise stipulated in the Agreement.


2. Arrangements for the arrangement can be made at the Organizer’s outlets, by submitting the necessary information by fax, e-mail and mail. Upon receipt of the application, the Organizer will offer the Contractor a Contract deemed binding after it has been signed by the contracting parties or otherwise clearly confirmed their consent (fax, e-mail, credit card number, payment to a giro account), and the products are legal effects when the agency receives an appropriate payment by the agreed deadline. Unless otherwise stated in the program, 30% of the price must be paid at the time of the conclusion of the Contract, the rest not later than 15 days before the departure date. The Organizer and the Contracting Authority may include different payment options in the Agreement.


3. The content of the arrangement makes, that is, the price of the arrangement includes, everything stated by the Organizer in the program. Certain special and additional services (transfers, additional meals, optional trips, tickets, obtaining visas, vaccinations, travel insurance, tips, etc.) that are not included in the published price of the arrangement, which the Organizer may provide and include in the Contract, the Contracting Authority pays separately . If the price of any of the requested services that the Organizer can provide is not specified in the program, the Organizer will inform the Contracting Authority of the price before the Contract is concluded. For special and additional services that the Organizer cannot provide and include in the Contract, and those requested by the Traveler for the duration of the arrangement and pay on the spot with the immediate provider, the Organizer is not responsible as a tour operator regardless of the help that the Organizer’s representative will provide To the traveler in obtaining these services and to provide information on the indicative prices of these services. If requested by the Organizer, the Contracting Authority is obliged to pay, in advance and separately, fees, fees or tickets with certain special regulations that the Organizer charges on behalf of someone else and for someone else’s account and the amount of which cannot be influenced and necessary for the realization of the service. The Organizer will inform the Contracting Authority or the Traveler in due time about the existence, price, as well as any changes in the mode of payment of these fees.


4. Offered accommodation facilities, restaurants, means of transport, etc. they are described according to the official categorization of the local tourism organization or other competent authority at the time the program was issued. Standards of accommodation, food, services, etc. The different places and countries are different and not comparable. Info and the contractor that gets verbally at the point of sale, by telephone, or otherwise in writing by an unauthorized person, not oblige the organizer to a greater extent the information issued in travel program, these General Terms and Agreement.


5. The Organizer is not responsible for any errors in the press or for subsequent changes in new issues of media materials and programs that have been brought to the attention of the Traveler prior to the conclusion of the Agreement, and in this respect the information stated in the Agreement, and not in promotional material.


6. The itinerary equally commits the Traveler and the Tour Operator. Departure times stated in the travel program The traveler must adhere to the instructions and information received orally from the representatives of the Travel Organizer, ie tourist escorts and guides regarding the realization of the itinerary. If the Traveler disconnects from the group before being properly informed about the time and place of reunion of the group and the continuation of the trip for expenses and possible damage that he may suffer, he cannot charge the Organizer. The Organizer reserves the right to continue the journey even without the Passenger who does not appear at the time and place of departure or continuation of the trip, and the Passenger’s absence will be considered as cancellation of the arrangement. The Organizer assumes no responsibility if some activities and facilities that depend on the weather and natural phenomena cannot be realized in accordance with the travel program or the expectations of the Traveler. In addition, the Organizer bears no responsibility if in the event of inclement weather (rough sea, heavy rainfall and the like) it becomes impossible to execute all the contents according to the travel program, to change the order or duration of certain contents.


7. The layout of the rooms or apartments is determined by the reception desk at the place of residence. If the Contracting Authority has not explicitly contracted the accommodation unit (room, apartment, cabin, etc.) with special features, it will accept any officially registered accommodation unit for rent in the respective facility. Typically, entry into the accommodation unit is between 1 5 and 8 pm, and usually they must leave between 10 and 11 o’clock on the day the service ends, unless otherwise specified for each accommodation in the program. In the event of arrival or departure from the accommodation unit, which does not coincide with the time of entry and departure of the accommodation unit, the Organizer will try to provide a suitable luggage storage and storage room, but cannot guarantee the fulfillment of such a request. If possible, the Organizer will attempt to satisfy the Contracting Authority’s pre-announced additional request for accommodation (extra bed, cot, comfort, room orientation, floor, etc.), but cannot guarantee the fulfillment of such request.


8. If the Contracting Authority has concluded a contract for organizing the trip as a last- minute trip or a contract with which the name of the object in which the Traveler resides only upon arrival at the destination, then accepts all risks of such travel. These trips contain uncertain facts which cannot be influenced by the Organizer, and the Contracting Authority has accepted such a trip for the sake of cheaper price, and therefore the Contracting Authority or the Traveler have no right to object to the Organizer.


9. The prices of the arrangement are published in HRK and are valid from the date of publication stated on the program, they are calculated according to the prices of services in reference currencies at the selling rate of the Organizer’s commercial bank. In case of more than 2% exchange rate change, the agency reserves the right to change prices. The organizer reserves the right to change the published prices in case of changes in the prices of accommodation, food, transport, etc. services, that is, in case of changes in the value ratio of the currencies that are the basis for calculating the price of the arrangement. The customer’s consent is not required to increase the price of the arrangement up to 10% (the increase is calculated on all parts of the payment). In the event of a price increase of more than 10%, the buyer has the right to cancel the trip without the obligation to compensate for the damage.


1 0. The organizer may cancel the arrangement or make changes to the program if extraordinary circumstances occur which cannot be avoided or eliminated (war, unrest, strike, terror and actions, sanitary disturbances, natural disasters, traffic accidents, sudden and unusual traffic jams. interventions of the competent authorities, sudden changes in timetables, delays of aircraft and other means of transport, weather, etc.), which, if they occurred at the time of conclusion of the Contract, would be a justified reason for the Organizer not to conclude the contract. The Organizer in particular reserves the right to change the day and hour of departure for the journey due to the change of the timetable or the occurrence of other previously mentioned circumstances, as well as the right to change the direction of travel due to changed circumstances, without compensation to the Passenger and according to the applicable regulations in passenger traffic. The Organizer will promptly inform the Traveler of any changes to the program. The Organizer is not responsible for the delay of the aircraft, the ship or the train, as well as for changes to the program and the costs incurred as a result of such delay. If circumstances at the destination prevent the accommodation of the Traveler in the booked object, the Organizer will place the Traveler in another object of the same or higher category than the booked one and at his own expense.
The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the trip no later than 5 days prior to departure if it does not conclude travel arrangements for the minimum number of Passengers specified in the program.


11. If the passenger cancels or interrupts the journey, he must do so in writing. The written cancellation date is the basis for calculating the cancellation fees, which will be charged by the Travel Organizer. The organizer, on behalf of compensation for damages from the total price of the arrangement, retains:
up to 30 days before departure 10% of the price of the arrangement, and at least 100kn
29 – 22 days before departure 25% of the price of the arrangement
21 – 15 days before departure 40% of the price of the arrangement
14 – 8 days before departure 80% of the package price
7 – 0 days before departure 100% of the package price
after departure 100% of the package price

If the actual damage is higher than stated, the Organizer reserves the right to charge the damage, up to a maximum of 100% of the price of the arrangement. The aforementioned cancellation costs also apply to changes in the departure date and the accommodation facility or the type of accommodation unit, as well as any other significant changes, unless otherwise expressly stated in the travel program or catalog. When canceling the arrangement, the Contracting Authority shall not be entitled to reimbursement of any visa, insurance, vaccination and similar expenses. If the Contractor who cancels the trip finds a new user of the same reservation, the Organizer will only charge the costs caused by the replacement, if possible, with an additional payment of 100 kn.


12. The Traveler is obliged to ensure that his documents and belongings meet the conditions stipulated by the carrier and those stipulated by the border, customs, health and other regulations of his country, as well as the countries through or to which he travels, and the Organizer is not responsible for the decisions of the officials to whom the Traveler deny transportation, refuse to issue a visa, or allow entry into a single country or for the costs incurred as a result. If due to the reasons stated above occurs on tkazivanja travel before or during the trip, the organizer reserves the right to charge the post- ade damage as expressly permitted in these General Terms and Conditions.

In addition to the travel program, the Traveler is obliged to adhere to the house rules in catering and accommodation facilities and means of transportation and to cooperate with the Organizer’s representative and the providers in good faith. In the event of non-compliance with these obligations, the Organizer discharges all responsibility for the damage caused, and the Traveler pays the same at the scene. It is the responsibility of the traveler to observe the personal safety rules that would be used by every average person. The Organizer is not responsible for the actions of the Traveler regarding his personal responsibility. The cost of losing or stealing documents while traveling is borne by the Traveler. Provided that this does not in any way affect the realization of the travel program and does not create additional cost to the Travel Organizer, the representative of the Organizer (tourist escort or guide) will provide personal assistance to the Traveler in the formalities related to contacts with local authorities, Croatian diplomats with co-consular offices, health institutions. and the like. In all other cases, the Traveler is obliged to resolve such formalities personally and at his own expense. If the Traveler is not able to continue traveling according to the program due to the completion of such formalities, the Organizer shall consider it a cancellation of the trip. The Organizer may not be charged by the Organizer for the costs and any damage that the Traveler may suffer on this basis.


13. In accordance with the regulations, the employees of the paying agency are obliged to make available to the Contracting Authority promotional material and these General Terms in written or electronic form, to give adequate notice of basic border formalities when issuing a visa and health formalities regarding travel and stay in the place. destinations as well as the time required to complete these formalities. By signing the Agreement, the Contracting Authority confirms that all this information has been presented to it .


14. Pursuant to the Law on Provision of Tourism Services, Agency staff are obliged to offer the traveler a “package” of travel insurance consisting of: voluntary health insurance during their stay abroad, accident insurance, luggage insurance and travel cancellation insurance. By signing the contract, the passenger confirms that he has been offered a travel insurance package. In case the traveler requires the mentioned insurance, they agree with Allianz Zagreb dd, with which the Organizer has a contract and participates only as an intermediary.


15. If the traveler anticipates that he or she would have to cancel the trip due to certain situations, we recommend paying the cancellation policy. Cancellation insurance can not be paid later but only when checking in for travel. Cancellation insurance is valid only in the following cases, with mandatory written confirmation: military call, illness, death in the immediate family. If the traveler does not have a cancellation insurance contract and has to cancel the trip and has a military invitation, illness or death certificate, the Organizer reserves the right to payment according to the rules specified in Article 11 of this Agreement. The cancellation fee does not cover the cost of obtaining a visa even if the traveler has paid cancellation insurance. By paying the cancellation insurance policy, the traveler transfers all his claims to the insurance company whose cancellation insurance policy he owns, and the Organizer agrees to provide the traveler with all the documentation necessary to meet the insurance claims of the passenger regarding the arrangement. All cancellation conditions are listed on the insurance policy and we recommend that each passenger read them in person.


16 . For organized transport arrangements, the quantity and conditions for the carriage of luggage are determined by the carrier. For air transportation, the excess baggage is paid for by the Passenger himself / herself according to the applicable rules and prices of the air carrier . Children under 2 years old are not entitled to free luggage. The organizer is not responsible for the transportation of luggage and is not responsible for destroyed or lost luggage, as well as for theft of luggage or valuables in a vehicle or in an accommodation facility (we recommend renting a safe wherever possible!). Check-in for lost luggage The traveler is directed to the carrier or accommodation. The Contractor is obliged to announce special luggage (bicycle, surfboard, golf equipment, musical instruments and similar items) before the conclusion of the Contract. If possible, the Organizer will attempt to satisfy the Contracting Authority’s pre-announced additional request for special luggage, but cannot guarantee the fulfillment of such request. The carrier has the right not to receive additional and special luggage due to capacity limitations. The Organizer is therefore not responsible for any costs or damages suffered by the Traveler as a result. The passenger himself is obliged to take care of his belongings brought into the cabin of the vehicle (train, plane, bus, boat …) and must bring them with him each time he leaves the vehicle. Otherwise, the passengers themselves are responsible for stealing, losing or damaging things left in the cabin of the vehicle without their supervision. Pets are not allowed, except in exceptional cases upon request and at extra charge. The organizer cannot guarantee the fulfillment of such a request. For air transport, baggage is the sole responsibility of the airline, on the basis of air traffic regulations. In case of loss of luggage, the passenger fills in the PIR form of the airline that made the transport and submits it to the representative of the airline and keeps one copy for himself. On the basis of the completed form, the airline pays compensation to it according to the regulations applicable in domestic and international passenger air traffic. In case of loss of luggage at the hotel, the passenger makes a request to the hotel where the luggage is lost. We recommend paying your luggage insurance policy.


17. The organizer is obliged to take care of the implementation of services as well as the selection of service providers with the attention of a good organizer and to take care of the rights and interests of travelers in accordance with good customs in tourism. The organizer is obliged to issue to the traveler the appropriate documents for the paid trip. The Organizer excludes all liability in case of changes and non-performance of services caused by force majeure, and due to delays of vehicles for which the carrier is not responsible according to the positive regulations and international conventions. In these cases, the traveler pays any additional costs.


18. The Traveler is obliged to inform the Travel Organizer of all the facts regarding his / her health, habits, etc., which could endanger the travel (if for health and other reasons he or she is seeking certain types of food, suffers from chronic illness, allergies, etc.). . Some programs have specific travel rules that include the compulsory vaccination and procurement of relevant documents. The traveler is obliged to undergo the compulsory vaccination as well as to have certificates and documents about it. We recommend paying your health insurance policy.


18 . In the case of incomplete or poorly performed service from the contractual arrangement, the Contracting Authority may initiate an appeal procedure to eliminate the identified irregularities prescribed by these General Terms and Conditions. Immediately after a perceived omission at the place of provision of the Service, the Traveler advertises the inappropriate service with the Organizer’s representative in his presence and / or with the service provider. The Traveler is obliged to cooperate with the representative of the Organizer and the service provider in good faith in order to eliminate the causes of complaint. If the Traveler does not accept the offered complaint solution on the spot, which corresponds to the contracted service, the Organizer does not have to accept the subsequent Contracting or Traveler’s complaint. If your orak complaint is not rectified or traveler with the offered solution is not satisfied, the same with the representative of the Organizer and / or the service providers about it prepares a written certificate signed by all attending parties and retain for themselves one example and to this certificate. If the representative of the Organizer and / or the service provider refuses to draw up or sign such a certificate, the Traveler may make the appropriate statement himself, which must be signed by credible witnesses, which will later be available to the Organizer and / or the service provider. No later than 8 days after returning from the journey, the Contracting Authority shall submit a written complaint at the point of sale where the payment is made. The complaint shall be accompanied by a written confirmation of the complaint and any invoices for additional costs. The Contracting Authority is obliged to substantiate the allegations of the complaint and to present appropriate evidence. The Organizer will only deal with fully documented complaints that it receives within the specified period of 8 days and make a written decision on the objection of the Contracting Authority within 15 days of receipt of the complaint from the point of sale. The organizer may postpone the deadline for resolving the complaint by another 15 days due to the collection of information and verification of the complaint by the service provider. Until the Organizer makes a decision, up to a maximum of 30 days from the filing of a written complaint, the Contracting Authority and the Traveler waive the mediation of any other institution or judicial institution and refuse to provide information in the media and media. Likewise, within the stated 30-day period, the Contracting Authority and the Traveler waive their right to sue. A proportional reduction in the price of an objection may amount to: the amount of unused part of the services, the difference in price due to a lower category of accommodation and other capacities than the contracted ones, and the compensation for damage caused by failure to fulfill, partial fulfillment or failure to fulfill obligations is limited to the amount of the arrangement price. This excludes the right of both the Contracting Authority and the Traveler to receive compensation for ideal damage, unless it is insured with an insurance company that covers the same damage. The Contracting Parties agree that the Contracting Authority, who is not satisfied with the Organizer’s actions and has adhered to the aforementioned complaint and complaint procedure and disposes of all the necessary documentation, before initiating an arbitration procedure through a competent body of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce through a court.


1 9 . In accordance with the regulations, in the event of the Organizer’s insolvency or bankruptcy, the Traveler caught on the trip, as well as the persons who paid the advance, should contact the insurer EUROHERC osiguranje dd as soon as possible, and indicate the telephone number where the insurance representative can contact them. This document is valid as a certificate of insurance against bankruptcy or payment inability of the tour operator. Insurance Guarantee Package No. 804162310 .


20. Pursuant to the Law on Provision of Tourism Services,TIP PUTOVANJA – Travel Agency Ltd. has concluded with the insurance company EUROHERC osiguranje dd (No. 804162298 ) liability insurance for damage caused to a passenger by non-fulfillment, partial fulfillment or failure to fulfill obligations related to package arrangement.


21.TIP PUTOVANJA – Travel Agency Ltd. undertakes to respect the privacy of all its users. Passenger personal information is used for the purpose of the contractual trip and will be used for further communication. The Agency undertakes not to release the personal data of passengers from the country except for the purpose of realization of the arranged arrangements. The exception to the provision of personal information to third parties relates to the contracting of travel insurance policies, the sale of airline tickets, or if a passenger concludes an insurance policy, buys an airline ticket, then his personal data will be forwarded to third parties. Passenger’s personal data will be stored in a database, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, or the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection (GDPR).


22. These general terms and conditions of travel are an integral part of the Contract concluded by the Contracting Authority with the Organizer, that is, with the authorized travel agency in which he applied for the trip. Possible / anticipated deviations from these General Conditions must be stated in the text of the travel program or in the Agreement. This edition excludes any previous issues.


TIP PUTOVANJA – Travel Agency Ltd.
VONČININA 2, ZAGREB, ID-HR-AB-01-080416772
Zagreb, 22nd May, 2019.